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Yiddish Song & Klezmer from Bessarabia to Brooklyn

Experience the captivating melodies of the Esther Wratschko Trio as they revive Yiddish theater and art songs from iconic locales like New York and Moscow, and infuse Klezmer tunes from Bessarabia to Brooklyn with renewed vigor. Through ever-changing and distinctive arrangements, our trio, featuring bassoon, clarinet, vocals, and guitar, explores the rich tapestry of Jewish musical heritage, with a focus on its poignant lyrical essence.

Indulge in the virtuoso performances of Maciej Golebiowski on clarinet, Esther Wratschko showcasing her talents in vocals, bassoon, and piano, and Fabian Pollacks on guitar. Together, we promise an evening of musical enchantment, blending unconventional elegance with moments of dance and heartfelt emotion. Join us for a concert experience unlike any other, where tradition meets innovation, and melodies stir the soul.

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