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Since 2012, Esther Wratschko has turned her passion for choirs into a profession. Her involvement as a choir conductor has ranged from leading the Amnesty International Choir to occasional assistance with the Wiener Singakademie.

Since 2018, she has been working as a choir conductor at Superar Wien. She leads the Superar Children's Choir at the Ankerbrotfabrik and at the VS Vorgartenstraße, giving numerous children the opportunity to discover their joy of music through choral singing.

Currently, she also leads two choirs that couldn't be more different. The Zbor KSŠŠD (Choir of the Club of Carinthian Slovenian Students in Vienna) primarily focuses on a program related to minorities and resistance, giving a voice to those who are often unheard. On the other hand, the Wiener Bach-H(a)endlchor focuses on Romantic and Renaissance music, bringing the classics of choral music to the stage.

Aside the regular choir work in Vienna, Esther also teaches international choir workshops, at Festivals like Yiddish Summer Weimar, Yiddish New York, as already at the YEN (Youth of European Nationalities) - Diversity Festival.

Esther's dedication to choral music is shaped by her belief that it serves as a political tool for unity and against societal division. She views choral music as an accessible art form that brings people together regardless of their backgrounds, which she believes deserves to be nurtured and protected.

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