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© Karim Rahoma

Punk rock for children and their grown-ups

The Telepunkies are the badass new band from Vienna that has unleashed a genre of its own: punk rock for the young rebels! With unrivaled dedication and fiery passion, they bring to life music that has been criminally overlooked. Their lyrics speak straight from the hearts of little rockers, while their punk-infused sounds of electric guitar, bass, and drums ignite a rebellious frenzy. At every show, kids can let their punk spirit run wild and even join in the live musical madness. It's an interactive feast for punk-loving kids and their grown-up accomplices, from the very first chord to the explosive finale.

Currently, the Telepunkies are tearing it up in the studio, working on their debut album, and have already unleashed three singles. Join the wild ride as the Telepunkies storm the stage and make young hearts pound to the beat of the drum.

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