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Singer, choir director, 


Esther Wratschko is a busy musician and choir conductor from Vienna. Her current projects include Soveles, Esther & the Shvester, the Telepunkies, and the newly formed Wratschko Trio (see Projects), with one and the other she recently performed at the Vienna Klezmore Festival, the Klezmer Festival Feldkirchen in Carinthia, Wiener Kultursommer, as in New York (Jalopy), Boston (Boston Synagogue) and Montreal (Museum of Jewish Montreal).

Throughout her career, Esther Wratschko has worked with several choirs and currently directs the Zbor KSŠŠD (performances at Wiener Festwochen, Konzerthaus Klagenfurt) and the Wiener Bach-Händel Chor. Political and alternative choirs are particularly close to her heart.

Her musical endeavors encompass a variety of band projects. In the past, she has performed with Café Olga Sanchez at the Popfest Wien and with Les Buckel Combo at the Fringe Festival Edinburgh, amongst others.
A profound engagement with Yiddish music has led her to teach at renowned international Klezmer festivals  as Yiddish Summer Weimar and Yiddish New York, and she has received fellowships for Klezkanada. In addition, she organizes music festivals in Austria such as the Friling Festival and the Vienna Klezmer Sessions, and she will curate the Klezmore Festival from 2024 on.

Recently she started delving deeper into viennese music, with a repertoire of Viennese songs and learning Schrammelharmonika (viennese folk harmonika).

Prior to starting her musical carrer, she studied German studies and later pursued music education and choir conducting at the mdw (University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna). After a research residency as an Artist in Residence at the Center for Jewish History in New York in 2017 (on the Viennese exile music scene in New York), she completed her studies.
Her love for music, profound understanding of Viennese music, yiddish song and Klezmer, and her influence as a musician and organizer have made her a central figure in the Vienna music scene, and bringing inspiration to her audience through her music is the guiding principle in her work.


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